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China Darrington, XIX Recovery

CHINA KRYS DARRINGTON – Founder of XIX Recovery Support Services

China Krys Darrington was an end-stage, chronically addicted person for 15+ years — through jobs, trying to parent & desperately attempting to stay functional.  But addiction is never satisfied and eventually she lost jobs, houses and children to her addiction.

She got clean on September 29, 2003 and through a broad foundation of recovery has been able to maintain abstinence since that date.  However, she remember how difficult it was, with a lack of hope that things would ever get better and a limited understanding of how to get treatment, find supports and get out of the drug world for good.

After establishing her own personal recovery she realized she had a passion for sharing her fire that “It does get better.” She works tirelessly to help others who are tying to find their own way to change their lives for the better.

What does XIX Recovery Support Services do:

  • Recovery Coaching / Peer Recovery Support Services
  • Training for Understanding Addiction
  • Birthparent / Adoptee Support

Get in touch with us if you have need for our services.

XIX Recovery Support Services

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