China Krys Darrington Interviewed by the “Helping Parents Succeed” Podcast (Part 2 of 2)

The Helping Parents Succeed Podcast

Parent Aides, Case Aides, Case Managers, Foster Parents, Attorneys, Therapists, and Peer Mentors… joining together to see families preserved and strengthened.  In each episode, we aim to inform and inspire those who are in the trenches — on the front lines of child welfare.

Episode 13:  “Interview with China Darrington (part 2)

This week, China Darrington joins us for part two of a discussion surrounding the dependency process from a birth parent’s point of view.  We’ll gain valuable insight into the process that parents go through as they have their children removed: shock, protest,  adjustment.  China helps us understand the birth parent mindset through each of these stages and valuable tools to help parents move forward toward success.  Three tools discussed specifically to help parents move toward reunification are:

  1. Identify Barriers
  2. Framing the decision
  3. Envision Success

Also hear the power of dignity and hope “as the stars aligned” when offered by those on the front lines of child welfare work.

Episode 13-“Interview with China Darrington (part 2)”

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