China Krys Darrington Interviewed by the “Helping Parents Succeed” Podcast (Part 1 of 2)

The Helping Parents Succeed Podcast

Parent Aides, Case Aides, Case Managers, Foster Parents, Attorneys, Therapists, and Peer Mentors… joining together to see families preserved and strengthened.  In each episode, we aim to inform and inspire those who are in the trenches — on the front lines of child welfare.

Episode 12:  “Interview with China Darrington (part 1)”


China Kris Darrington is the founder and director of XIX Recovery Support Services in OH.  In this episode, China shares her experience of struggling with addiction while trying to parent her daughter and the difficult decision of placing her son up for adoption.  China’s unique perspective allows those with little or no frame of reference in dealing with substance abuse to put themselves in the shoes of someone who has walked the road and come out on the other end successful.  This is a must-listen episode for anyone working with parents who may have dealt with or are currently in recovery for substance abuse.  Also, a special thanks to Sandy and the team at Hope Women’s Center for all the work they’re doing to help parents succeed!  #HelpingParentsSucceed

  1. Identify Barriers
  2. Framing the decision
  3. Envision Success

Also hear the power of dignity and hope “as the stars aligned” when offered by those on the front lines of child welfare work.

Episode 12- “Interview With China Darrington”

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About XIX

XIX Recovery Support Services serves to increase the understanding of substance abuse, connect to treatment/recovery resources and reduce the stigma of addiction.

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