Heroin Seminar At The Chapel Oct. 14, 2014

Parents of Prodigals, support group of The Chapel, will sponsor a seminar entitled: “Don’t be blind-sided — Heroin use is an epidemic,” on Oct. 14 from 7 to 9 p.m. at The Chapel, 135 Fir Hill in Akron, in the Berean Room.  Guest speaker will be China Darrington, founder of XIX Recovery Support Services.

The seminar is open to all concerned parents and family members who want to know the signs of heroin use and get information on the moods, behavior, the drug language and culture.


For more information, call The Chapel at 330-376-6400 or Ed Davidian, POPS coordinator, at 330-620-5668.

About XIX

XIX Recovery Support Services serves to increase the understanding of substance abuse, connect to treatment/recovery resources and reduce the stigma of addiction.

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