HAPPY 40TH ANNIVERSARY Community Health Center

Community Health Center - Akron, OH

Community Health Center – Akron, OH

I am one of the 180,000 clients who have used the services of the CHC since 1974 and I’m convinced I would have never gotten my life back (or even probably survived) without the wonderful services and care I received. Read an article from the Record Courier about the many services: http://www.hudsonhubtimes.com/business/2014/09/28/community-health-center-celebrates-its-40th-anniversary

"China Darrington, a former patient, started using drugs when she was 16. She had been through seven treatment centers, and when she was 32, she lost custody of her 4-year-old daughter. CHC not only helped Darrington discover the root reasons of why she used, she also regained custody of her daughter. She said the program helped her learn how to be a better parent. "They [the children] developed an understanding and a language to deal with what happened to their family, and I think that was one of the best things that I had ever experienced -- my now-15- year-old daughter understands that we weren't the only family who went through this," Darrington said."

Maureen Keating, Chrissy Lockhart Gashash, Ted Ziegler, Corliss Newsome, Panda- Lauren Munk, Ohio Multi-County Development Corp. (OMCDC) & so many others, thank you for playing a part in my ability to reunify with my family, begin to learn how to live a life without substance abuse & to truly recover.

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