Ohio’s 2017 Opiate Conference (Presentation Materials)

Anyone who was not able to attend this years Ohio 2017 Opiate Conference, please know that they have made all of the presentation material available online. Please take a look and review, download and use the fantastic information. The Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities, in Partnership with […]

White Paper: Opioid Use, Misuse, and Overdose in Women

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health (OWH) recently published a white paper titled, “Opioid Use, Misuse, and Overdose in Women.” This white paper explores what is currently known about the opioid epidemic, describes promising practices for addressing opioid use disorder prevention and treatment for […]

MARC LEWIS: “Incubation of Craving” The Fast Road to Relapse

Incubation of craving: The fast road to relapse Nov 25, 2015 03:54 am | Marc I recently came across a paper in Addiction Biology called “Recent updates on incubation of drug craving: a mini-review.” The studies summarized here show that drug craving increases progressively for weeks after we have stop […]

DAWN – Deaths Avoided With Naloxone

XIX has previously written about Naloxone, the drug which can bring a person out of heroin/narcotic overdose. Project DAWN is a community-based overdose education and naloxone distribution program. Project DAWN participants receive training on: Recognizing the signs and symptoms of overdose Distinguishing between different types of overdose Performing rescue breathing Calling […]


Naloxone – disrupt a heroin OD in under ten minutes (sometimes seconds!)

From the NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) Director Nora Volkow‘s blog. She’s talking about the drug NALOXONE. The drug that EMTs and hospital ER staff have been delivering for years to people in active narcotic overdose. Naloxone finds the opiates that are sitting in the overdosed addicts brain and […]